Introduction post!

Introduction post!

This is a short introduction article to this blog

I have been through so many cases during my ASP.NET Core development days, that I could write several entire books of single issues.

I use very few frameworks or external tools, as it is often quite complex to customize to the exact needs. I will try in this blog to write about functionalities I created, that can be sometime simple classes, sometimes entire projects or project features. Most of them should be easy to include in an other project.

To understand some of the topics I could mention, yet far from being perfect, this blog engine has been build from scratch in ASP.NET Core. It is a multi-blog engine (you can create as many separate blogs as you want), it has blog role management, it is translatable in any language, you can translate your posts in as many languages as you want. It has so many embedded micro-features that I could not list them all.

If you have specific topics that I may have worked on but not covered with an article, ask in a comment!

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